Ezra Furman – Tether

Ezra Furman Sex education netflix

Ezra Furman Tether

Taken from the fourth season of the Netflix Original Series Sex Education, check out as the music singer Ezra Furman performs the song Tether.

Ezra Furman was born in the year September 5, 1986.

Stream and Listen Below.


I don’t know what I was thinking
Reaching out beyond my grasp
Lifting up these wings to try to take to the sky
As if I wasn’t bound to this fifty-ton past

Don’t know what I thought would happen
I don’t know who I thought I was
I get going when I see so much open space in front of me
But I don’t get too far because

The tether pulls me back
The tether always pulls me back

I thought I should let you know that
You’ll be seeing me around
Trying to let go of anything I might be dragging with me
As I make my way back down

And for a little while I had a little leeway
I took my time like taking a drug
Running wild pretending I didn’t know that I was always heading
For the moment when I’d feel the tug

Of the tether pulling me back
The tether pulls me back
The tether always pulls me back
I can feel it now
I can feel it even now


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