Ezra Furman – Ally Sheedy In The Breakfast Club

Album All Of Us Flames

Ezra Furman – Ally Sheedy In The Breakfast Club

Taken from the Album All Of Us Flames, comes this dope song from Ezra Furman which is called Ally Sheedy In The Breakfast Club.

Stream and Listen Below.


Ally Sheedy in The Breakfast Club
The black shit on your eyes, your purse full of junk
I build my world on versions of your VHS visage
And when Anthony Michael Hall interrogated you about the way you
Hoarded all your secrets in a bag around your neck

Part of me was swimming there beneath the water in your eyes
Silent she, keeping quiet as the joy and fury rise
Taking their time

A sugar sandwich and a stolen knife
Secret jacket pocket and a double life
There’s no deal, forget it, never mind, everything’s cool
I watch her flicker on my TV
The teenage girl I never got to be
She’s burning like a torch out in a field that’s all her own

And when we run away together we’ll have all supplies we need
And we’ll do what we have to do and scatter lilac seeds
Among the weeds

“My home life is unsatisfying”
“I didn’t have anything better to do”



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