How to Get Your Passport Photos Taken at Walgreens

Your Guide to Getting Passport Photos Taken at Walgreens

Planning an international trip is an exciting adventure, but before you can jet off to exotic destinations, there’s one essential item you need: a passport. And to get that passport, you’ll need a proper passport photo. Fortunately, getting your passport photos taken doesn’t have to be a hassle. In fact, you can easily get them done at your local Walgreens pharmacy. In this guide, we’ll walk you through the simple process of getting your passport photos taken at Walgreens, so you can check this important task off your travel to-do list with ease.

  1. Find Your Nearest Walgreens:
    • The first step in getting your passport photos taken at Walgreens is to locate the nearest store. With thousands of locations across the country, chances are there’s a Walgreens conveniently located near you. You can use the Walgreens website or mobile app to find the closest store to your home or office.
  2. Gather Your Documentation:
    • Before heading to Walgreens, make sure you have all the necessary documentation for your passport application. This typically includes your completed passport application form, proof of identity (such as a driver’s license or state ID), and payment for the passport fee. Check the specific requirements for your passport application to ensure you have everything you need.
  3. Visit the Photo Department:
    • Once you’ve gathered your documentation, head to your local Walgreens and make your way to the photo department. Most Walgreens stores have a dedicated photo area where you can get passport photos taken, as well as other photo services such as printing and enlargements.
  4. Get Your Photos Taken:
    • When you arrive at the photo department, let the staff know that you need passport photos taken. They will guide you through the process and ensure that your photos meet all the requirements for a valid passport photo. Typically, you’ll stand against a neutral background and pose for the photo while the staff member takes the picture.
  5. Review and Approve:
    • After your photos are taken, the staff will show them to you for review. Take a close look to make sure you’re happy with how you look in the photos and that they meet all the necessary requirements for a passport photo. If you’re satisfied, let the staff know, and they’ll proceed with printing the photos.
  6. Receive Your Passport Photos:
    • Once your photos are printed, the staff will provide them to you along with any additional copies you may have requested. Make sure to keep your passport photos in a safe place until you’re ready to submit them with your passport application.
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Getting your passport photos taken at Walgreens is a convenient and hassle-free way to check an important item off your travel to-do list. With their convenient locations, friendly staff, and affordable prices, Walgreens makes it easy for travelers to get the passport photos they need quickly and efficiently.