Ezra Furman – Throne

Album All Of Us Flames

Ezra Furman Throne

Trending now is Ezra Furman coming through with this cool vibe Throne.

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I have come to a foreign shore
Looks familiar. I’ve been here before.
There’s my family, there’s my house
But we don’t belong here, we’ve gotta get out
I’m a newborn baby. I’ve just been born
I’m ducking and dodging through tall stalks of corn
I’ll take the job if the money’s good
But an ancient strain runs in my blood
Forgotten language plays in my mind
I’m always searching for a word I just can’t find
Wouldn’t make it a day out here, I couldn’t get by
Without this underground network on which I rely

Change goes on in semi-darkness
Long shadows in the alley at dawn
Those who sow will soon harvest
Those who rule will soon be leaving the throne

We travel in tandem, we blend right in
But we lock eyes when we pass, a small nod of the chin
Suitcase in the closet, supplies in the drawer
There may come a day when you’ll see us no more
I look calm and collected, I seem at ease
But in my mind the water’s up past my knees
We’re playing the long game. We’re playing for keeps
We’re drawing our plans up while the enemy sleeps
The fire is lit now, cat’s out of the cage
We stand in the half-light at the edge of the stage
You won’t know it’s happening ‘til it’s already done
And the queen in the shadows steps into the sun