ALBUM: Babatell – Selftalks

Babatell - Selftalks

Babatell Selftalks Album

There is a special type of artist who flourishes in the shadows, seeking the attraction of the unknown, in an industry that is often enamoured with the spotlight. Babatell, a multi-talented record producer and performer from Dortmund, Germany, embodies this enigmatic mentality. His particular ideal method of living as an artist is to be the most known unknown, which he has successfully accomplished. Babatell’s singular musical cosmos defies categorization and demonstrates his unwavering devotion to artistic integrity.

Babatell’s sound world is an alluring mix of genres, flawlessly blending aspects of Alternative Hip-Hop, Afrofuturism, and Electronica. His works are a frenzy of experimentation, with synthesisers interacting with bass-sonics and echoing vocals to create an environment that defies categorization. Babatell’s sound is an immersive experience that leaves an indelible impact, whether through the introspective echoes of his vocals or the throbbing beats of his production.

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