5 Best Arenal volcano hikes

Your Volcano Adventure awaits

Costa Rica’s Arenal Volcano is an adventurer’s paradise. Standing majestically in the northern part of the country, it is one of the most iconic and active volcanoes in the world. For those who love hiking, Arenal offers a variety of trails that cater to all levels of experience. Whether you’re a seasoned trekker or a beginner looking for a taste of the wild, the Arenal region has something for you. Here’s a guide to the five best hikes around Arenal Volcano that you absolutely shouldn’t miss.

1. Arenal 1968 Volcano View and Lava Trails

A Journey Through Time

Named after the year of Arenal’s last major eruption, the Arenal 1968 Volcano View and Lava Trails offer a historical and scenic journey. This network of trails takes you through lush forests, over old lava fields, and up to stunning viewpoints.


  • Lava Fields: Walk across the remnants of the 1968 eruption. The rough, black lava rock contrasts starkly with the surrounding greenery, creating a dramatic landscape.
  • Viewpoints: There are several spots along the trail where you can catch breathtaking views of the volcano and Lake Arenal.
  • Wildlife: Keep an eye out for local wildlife, including howler monkeys, toucans, and coatis.

Why You’ll Love It: This trail offers a moderate hike that combines historical significance with natural beauty. It’s perfect for those who want to understand the impact of the volcano while enjoying scenic vistas.

2. Arenal Volcano National Park Trails

Nature at Its Best

Arenal Volcano National Park is a must-visit for any hiking enthusiast. The park offers a variety of trails, each showcasing different aspects of the volcano and its ecosystem.

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  • Los Tucanes Trail: A gentle hike that’s great for families. This trail meanders through secondary forest and open spaces, providing excellent opportunities for birdwatching.
  • Lava Flow Trail: This moderately challenging trail takes you up close to the lava fields from the 1992 eruption. The view of the volcano from the top is nothing short of spectacular.
  • Ceiba Trail: Named after the giant Ceiba trees, this trail offers a more strenuous hike with rewarding views of both the volcano and the surrounding rainforest.

Why You’ll Love It: The diversity of trails in the national park means you can choose your adventure. Whether you’re looking for an easy walk or a challenging hike, Arenal Volcano National Park has it all.

3. La Fortuna Waterfall Hike

A Refreshing Escape

While not directly on the volcano, the La Fortuna Waterfall hike is a fantastic addition to your Arenal adventure. The trail takes you through lush jungle to a stunning waterfall that cascades into a clear blue pool.


  • The Waterfall: Standing at 70 meters tall, La Fortuna Waterfall is a sight to behold. The powerful rush of water and the serene pool at its base make it a perfect spot for cooling off.
  • The Jungle: The hike down to the waterfall is steep but manageable, offering glimpses of local wildlife and exotic plants along the way.

Why You’ll Love It: This hike is a refreshing change of pace. After trekking through volcanic landscapes, a dip in the cool waters of La Fortuna is the perfect way to relax and rejuvenate.

4. El Silencio Mirador

For the Best Views

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El Silencio Mirador offers some of the best panoramic views of Arenal Volcano and its surrounding landscapes. The trails here are well-maintained and suitable for all levels of hikers.


  • Viewpoints: The main attraction of El Silencio Mirador is its viewpoints. From these vantage points, you get unobstructed views of the volcano, making it a photographer’s dream.
  • Tranquility: True to its name, El Silencio (The Silence) offers a peaceful escape from the busier trails. The serene environment is perfect for those looking to connect with nature.

Why You’ll Love It: If breathtaking views are what you seek, El Silencio Mirador is the place to be. It’s an excellent spot for sunrise or sunset hikes, offering a peaceful atmosphere and stunning scenery.

5. Mistico Arenal Hanging Bridges Park

An Aerial Adventure

For a unique hiking experience, head to Mistico Arenal Hanging Bridges Park. This park features a series of suspension bridges that take you through the rainforest canopy, offering a bird’s-eye view of the jungle.


  • Hanging Bridges: The park has 16 bridges, six of which are hanging bridges. Walking above the forest floor gives you a unique perspective and the chance to see wildlife up close.
  • Flora and Fauna: The diverse ecosystem is home to countless species of birds, mammals, and plants. Guided tours are available if you want to learn more about the local wildlife.
  • Waterfalls and Streams: The trails also pass by several waterfalls and streams, adding to the park’s natural beauty.

Why You’ll Love It: Mistico Arenal Hanging Bridges Park combines adventure with education. The elevated walkways make for an exciting hike, and the lush surroundings are teeming with life. It’s a great place to explore the biodiversity of the Arenal region.

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Arenal Volcano and its surrounding areas offer some of the best hiking experiences in Costa Rica. From historical lava fields to serene waterfalls and lush rainforests, there’s something for everyone. Whether you’re looking for an easy stroll or a challenging trek, these five hikes provide unforgettable adventures that showcase the natural beauty and vibrant ecosystem of the Arenal region.